3 scraps mobile roaming charges

Mobile phone network 3 has scrapped international mobile roaming charges for its customers.

Mobile phone network 3 has scrapped international mobile roaming charges for its customers.

The company's customers will now not be charged extra for making or receiving calls while abroad in the seven countries where 3 has its own mobile network.

The seven countries are Italy, Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark, along with Australia and China (Hong Kong). The scrapping of roaming fees on 3 networks also applies to text messages and mobile internet access.

As a result of the changes, 3 customers will be able to use their bundled subscription access minutes in the same way as they do in the UK.

3 said that where users had to access another mobile operator’s network to make a call with their 3 handsets, they would have to pay existing wholesale roaming charges.

The 3 Like Home service is being gradually rolled out across the countries where 3 has coverage, and the roaming pricing policy will apply to all existing 3 customers.

The firm said the deal was consistent with the European Commission's campaign to reduce the cost of mobile calls when roaming in Europe.

Christian Salbaing, 3 Group managing director of European telecommunications, said, “While 3 customers will continue to face higher charges if they roam onto a non-3 network, this is because of the high wholesale charges required by many of 3's roaming partners.

“We hope the European Commission will be successful in significantly reducing these wholesale charges, which will allow price reductions for customers roaming between different operators within Europe."

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