A Series of Tubes Episode 42

This week's networking podcast considers solid state drives and the traps of virtualisation.

This week's A Series of Tubes we take a look at Solid State Drives. You probably first noticed them as a seriously expensive option for that new laptop you've been ogling in the IT shop window.

But surely they'll get cheaper, since it costs so little to buy large capacity USB sticks these days. Because they use less power and are more reliable can it be long before the SSD replaces all the spinning disks in every computer?

We're also revisiting virtualisation - another technology which is becoming an IT staple. It's a virtual world these days, certainly when it comes to IT, and almost everything is a target for the virtual vultures. They've made a virtue out of virtualising LANs, Servers, Desktops, Firewalls - where will it stop?

In this week's show:

  • Chief Reporter with ZDNet Australia, Jo Best looks behind the news headlines
  • IBRS analyst Kevin McIsaac says it's only a matter of time before solid state drives replace the spinning hard disc
  • Dimension Data's Ronnie Altit discusses the virtual traps waiting for those who rush into virtualisation unprepared

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