MEGA GUIDE: VoIP: SIP, security and testing for your network

Session Initiation Protocol, security and testing are topics covered in this series of guides on VoIP fundamentals.

Ensuring that your business is getting the most from VoIP can sometimes require a back-to-basics approach. In this series, each guide is focused on the fundamentals of a specific task that makes VoIP work for you -- not the other way around.

  • SIP fundamentals

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) will allow true interoperability, eventually enabling every IP-based device and application to communicate seamlessly with one another. This guide discusses some of the basics of SIP, including vulnerabilities, testing and hardware.
    Read more about SIP fundamentals in this guide.

  • VoIP security fundamentals

    Voice over IP (VoIP) security is a challenge for IT staff because IP telephony (IPT) brings with it not only the security problems of data networks but also new threats specific to VoIP. In this fundamentals guide, learn about network security threats and emerging IP telephony threats, and how to secure your VoIP systems and endpoints from them.
    Ensure that your communications are secured by reading this VoIP security fundamentals guide.

  • VoIP performance testing fundamentals

    VoIP network performance testing can mean the difference between a VoIP system working at a high level QoS and a weak system that runs so poorly customers could take their business elsewhere. This guide discusses why it is important to run regular performance testing and some of the ways it can be done.
    Keep your workers and customers speaking loud and clear by brushing up on your VoIP performance testing fundamentals with this guide.

  • VoIP bandwidth fundamentals

    Bandwidth requirements for Voice over IP can be a tricky beast to tame until you look at the method and factors involved. This guide investigates what bandwidth means for VoIP, how to calculate bandwidth consumption for a VoIP network and how bandwidth can be saved by using voice compression.
    Find out more about how VoIP can impact bandwidth and how bandwidth can affect VoIP by reading this VoIP bandwidth fundamentals guide.

  • VoIP security testing fundamentals

    Testing your VoIP security system against all the threats that exist on the network can be a full time job. This guide documents how a VoIP system can be tested and suggests some of the available tools to use -- with a focus on fuzzing tools and methods.
    Keep your communications sound and secure with regular testing -- read how with this VoIP security testing fundamentals guide.

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