Google woos developers for web cloud apps delivery model

Google has held its first-ever web cloud ...

Google has held its first-ever web cloud developers conference to encourage the creation of apps around Google's web infrastructure delivery model.

The Google I/O event was designed to build up Google's web infrastructure (cloud) channel, and ultimately increase web advertising revenues, said analyst Ovum.

Madan Sheina, an analyst at Ovum, said, "Google likes to separate its web development technologies from its advertising. But the two are inextricably linked.

"Google's monetisation strategy is simple: invest in advancement of the web by allowing users to do more on the internet. That makes the web a much bigger market for Google to monetise services like search."

Sheina said, "For this reason, we believe that Google sees a pile of money in its web application development efforts downstream, even though for the time being it is focused on getting developers to build browser-based web applications to thicken up its cloud."

The developers of course will also be looking to get a slice of that revenue, and the event drew an impressive 3,000 developers.

At the event, Google presented a new version of the Google Web Toolkit, which supports Java, Ajax and mobile device app development.

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