Latest Zenprise offering helps automate BlackBerry support

The latest Zenprise BlackBerry management and troubleshooting suite deepens server compatibility while adding more problem signatures.

Zenprise unveiled the latest version of its self-titled BlackBerry management and problem diagnostic suite at Research in Motion's annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES), adding some polish and broader compatibility with the newest server software and hardware.

Zenprise 4.0 includes added support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory. It also has support for 64-bit server architectures, ensuring that BlackBerry administrators will get a true end-to-end view of the mobile deployment ecosystem, according to Ahmed Datoo, vice president of marketing for Zenprise.

"The BlackBerry server itself is pretty stable," Datoo said. "Most of the root causes of issues are on the Exchange server, the Active Directory server, or the network, but the BlackBerry server reports the symptom."

Zenprise deals with this complexity by pulling information from all these sources, giving administrators quick visibility into -- for example -- whether an AT&T outage or Exchange meltdown is disrupting the push email addictions of senior executives.

Zenprise has been evolving its system to improve the automation of problem resolution, Datoo said. Currently, the system checks for problem "signatures" and works to match them with written resolution instructions.

The 4.0 offering adds 500 new signatures to the database, bringing the total to 6,500. Datoo said that the company hopes to evolve those signatures within the next year into a "fix it" button that will provide one-click resolution.

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