TechTarget announces Best of VMworld Europe 2011 user awards

Check out the winners of the Best of VMworld Europe 2011 user awards to see which vendors delivered the best virtualisation technologies this year.

Four European IT projects have won the Best of VMworld Europe 2011 user awards after impressing the judges not just with efficiencies and cost savings but also with overall innovation.

The judges selected Avis Norway, Flybe, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission as winners from a wide range of entries.

The judges of the second annual Best of VMworld Europe awards assessed the entries and selected the winners based on overall innovation, systems performance improvement, cost reduction, easing  of management burden, new use in marketplace, and improved efficiencies and business processes.

The awards, hosted by TechTarget Inc., cover four product categories, including virtualisation and server consolidation, desktop virtualisation, disaster recovery, and private cloud computing project as well as a best-of-show winner.

TechTarget’s appointed a team of independent industry experts for the judging process.

Winners’ snapshot:

  1. Avis Norway: Best virtualisation and server consolidation project

Avis Norway was awarded the best virtualisation and server consolidation project (Read case study).

The judges said that the project not only provided reductions on server costs to RAC, but demonstrated that the organisation provided a long-term cost reduction by the lowering manpower costs to operate the previous distributed estate.

The judges also noted that from an IT project perspective, a huge infrastructure transformation was carried out within a period of six months.

Its IT infrastructure included VMware (vSphere 4.1 Enterprise Plus, VMware Converter 3, VMware ESX3.5, VMware ESXi 4.0, VMware Virtual Center 2.5 and VMware vCenter 4.1); HP C-class 7000; IBM x-Series; HP blade switches; Alcatel switches; EMC CX4-240 FC; and EMC CX4-120.

 2. Flybe: Best virtualisation for disaster recovery project

UK flight operator Flybe won the award for best virtualisation for disaster recovery project for its use of Veeam Backup and Replication v5 (Read case study).

Judges noted that with a large company and a virtual infrastructure, Flybe had struggled to meet its backup window. After implementing the Veeam Backup and Replication, the company demonstrated how each of the product’s features brought efficiencies to the functions of VMware Admin, Exchange Admin, end users, and even customers.

Other components of its IT infrastructure include HP DL580 G5 servers (running VMware ESX 4.1) and 3x HP DL580 G7 servers (running VMware ESXi 4.1); HP ProCurve 5412zl switches; HP EVA 8400 SANs; VMware Enterprise Plus host licensing; and VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.

3. Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Best private cloud computing project 

The judges were impressed that Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust had decided upon a stretched cluster for its two sites, using EMC vPLEX (Read case study). They felt that the Trust’s deployment of this technology and the approach it used demonstrated that the organisation was committed to maximising the uptime to its foundation of the cloud. It took advantage of the close proximity of two sites to treat them as one site from a network and storage perspective. This allowed the Trust to stay within the requirements of the storage technology while providing a best-of-breed approach to its problems, the judges said.

The Trust’s IT infrastructure was composed of VMware vSphere 4.2; VMware View; HP DL360's X5660; and EMC vPlex Metro.

4. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission: Best desktop virtualisation project

This submission showed technical prowess with the vSphere platform, as the group worked very closely with its hardware vendor and VMware (Read case study). The judges were impressed that the project was not only a technical success but also, from a project management perspective, it engaged with the key stakeholders to ensure customer satisfaction and departmental buy-in to the project. By doing this, the institute will able to build virtual machines that don’t exist in the physical world -- a great example of the “better than physical” ethos that VMware holds as one its core values.

The judges described the organisation’s project as “a case of the customer teaching VMware a thing or two about how its own product might need tweaking for the special load VDI places.”

The Institute’s IT infrastructure included VMware vSphere 4.1, update 1, Enterprise Plus; Intel 56xx-and 75xx-series processors; Cisco switches 1Gbps LAN bandwidth; vSphere dVS; NetApp 2040 and 2050.

Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was also named the "Best of Show" winner at the awards ceremony.

Case studies to follow soon. 
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