Breaking the green barriers in Brisbane

Cisco Australia says it has planted a green seed it hopes will soon sprout at the Networkers conference in Brisbane.

Brisbane-Cisco Networkers, the annual conference for the ANZ region, has attracted over 1900 delegates, 20% more attendees than 2006. Sixty-eight per cent of delegates have opted in for the memory stick instead of paper-based conference proceedings. This has reduced paper costs associated with the conference by 30%. Cisco has also had cooperation from the Brisbane Convention Centre and the Queensland government to be as environmentally positive as possible.

New managing director CISCO ANZ, Les Williamson said this is just one of the measures the company has taken to hold the first 'green' conference in the region. The US Cisco Networkers had a 48% buy-in for the memory sticks so ANZ is already ahead.

Williamson said: "Cisco has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 10% over the next five years. Based on modelling the company has done by using the company's Telepresence units between Melbourne and Sydney over the next five years, Cisco will reduce the CO2 (carbon dioxide) from 8600 to 2600 kilograms. This also equates to a 20% cost saving and equals the saving of 17,000 trees.

The Melbourne-to-Sydney air route is the third busiest in the world and it is by co-incidence the third busiest telepresence connection in the Cisco telepresence global network. Cisco has deployed 120 telepresence units within its global offices.

Cisco will also install telepresence units in Auckland, Perth and Canberra.

Williamson announced that the ANZ banking group is the first financial institution to purchase the telepresence TP3000 units, which enable six people either end to communicate. One will be installed in Bangalore in India and the other in Melbourne. The ANZ telepresence purchase is driven by the need for increased productivity.

Cisco has also chalked up a win with its MeetingPlace application with Coles. The retail conglomerate has purchased a large number of licences which it is rolling out already. MeetingPlace provides audioconferencing, which enables Coles to collaborate when it is fitting out new stores resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity.

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