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EIG Ansvar is one of Australasia's niche insurance companies specialising in insuring places of worship and community groups.

EIG Ansvar is one of Australasia's niche insurance companies specialising in insuring places of worship and community groups. The company places particular importance on personalised customer contact. Every customer call is answered by a person, not a computer. The ability to fulfil this promise more efficiently was at the core of their requirements for a new business telephone system.

"Effective communications is imperative to our business," says Trudi Reeves, EIG Ansvar project officer/analyst and project manager for the new communication system's development and rollout.

"We operate to a decentralised model with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland, with customer contact points in each of those sites. More than 80% of our customer communication is via the telephone.

"Each site had a different system with different capabilities ranging from sufficient to archaic. We needed to get everybody onboard with a common system."

The policy of answering each customer call personally had its functional drawbacks. Reeves says that the old system meant engaged signals and bottlenecks which were anything but customer friendly. "The new system had to overcome these hurdles," Reeves explains.

After conducting a thorough tender process, EIG Ansvar decided on a Samsung system solution. EIG Ansvar went live in September 2005 with a networked platform of OfficeServ 500 units in each of its offices, featuring VoIP and Dataview software at their head office in Melbourne.

The Samsung OfficeServ is a voice application with IP capability and a capacity of up to 600 extensions. The connected network allows the 130 staff in six offices to make internal calls over a virtual private network of secure channels through public networks.

"We're seeing quantifiable and qualifiable benefits already. The improved handset functionality, for example, allows each person better manageability of time and calls, they are easy to use and pretty simple to program," said Reeves.

"The customer contact points are working better and taking more calls and we have no more bottlenecks for customers. The OfficeServ also gives us improved monitoring and reporting functionality which makes performance management a whole lot easier.

"And the Dataview software in Melbourne means greater flexibility of reporting on core groups and gives us access to real-time information," explains Reeves.

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