NBN proposal deadline: November

Australia's Minister for Broadband has set the deadline for National Broadband Network proposals for 26 November 2008.

Australians have until 26 November 2008 to submit the proposals for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, announced the late-November deadline this morning.

The NBN is a Rudd Government initiative to provide an open access, fibre-based broadband network with downlink speeds of at least 12Mb/s to 98% of Australian homes and businesses.

Senator Conroy said today’s announcement is a “major step forward in the Government’s comprehensive plan to provide Australians with higher speed broadband services.”

According to Senator Conroy, all the information requested by carriers is now available.

“Requested network information has now all been received from contributing carriers, reviewed for compliance with the Government’s request and is now available to all proponents,” he said.

“The National Broadband Network is part of the Rudd Government’s plan to drive investment in critical infrastructure and ensure that Australia takes advantage of the many opportunities presented by the digital economy,” Conroy said.

The deadline gives interested parties 12 weeks to consider the NBN and lodge proposals.

This article first appeared on VoiceandData.com.au

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