ACN Pacific adopts multichannel comms

Moving to multichannel customer access is expected to improve service at ACN Pacific.

ACN Pacific is a subsidiary of a global direct seller of telecommunications services, with millions of customers in 19 countries around the world. ACN's services include local and long distance calling, mobile telephone, broadband and innovative cutting-edge technologies such as VoIP and video phone.

Previously, the company's only customer communication channel was their inbound telephone line.

"There were the associated costs of doing business that way," said Shane Cahill, business performance manager of ACN Pacific, "but the world has changed and we weren't providing a convenient range of customer communication channels."

With telephone as ACN Pacific's only contact medium, attending to calls in a manner timely enough to meet or, preferably, exceed customers' expectations, proved to be a source of trouble.

ACN evaluated a number of vendors in their search to improve the number and quality of customers' avenues of interaction. Eventually the company decided on Talisma's customer interaction management (CIM) solution, which comprises a number of mediums of communication.

"With the specific aim of improving customer experience through the provision of a range of contact mediums, we implemented Talisma's email, chat and knowledgebase solutions to address that challenge.

"Talisma's solution was very competitively priced," Cahill said, "and it gives our users an intuitive, feature-rich and easy to understand workspace. It will help us reduce operational costs, provide a more efficient service and expand the contact options for our customers."

With the new system, ACN Pacific customers can interact with agents via their preferred communication channel without having to repeat themselves each time. The system will soon also provide customers with a self-service option which will reduce phone enquiries.

"Our call centre staff can have the knowledge base populating information in one window of the frame to see what the customer is talking about, while still having easy access to other application functions. Being able to push pages to customers, especially if you have a technical issue, is another extremely useful feature.

"We understand that our customers want choice, convenience and personalised service," Cahill said. "Email, chat and the searchable knowledgebase allow customers to choose the medium that suits them best and receive helpful responses quickly and easily."

Post-implementation, ACN has found that these new mediums, especially chat in some particular streams of the business, are extremely popular with customers, and constitute a significant portion of overall contact.

"Customers are voting through their choices," Cahill concluded.

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