Network Bytes: two times the ADSL?

Netcomm is working on new modems that deliver double the DSL.

Netcomm is working on new ADSL2+ modems that use "bonding" to aggregate two ADSL connections into a single link to the outside world.

The new modem will require two phone lines into a premises to pull off the trick, which is designed to give businesses access to higher bandwidth.

The modems are current being tested and can be expected to go on sale later in 2007.

Number portability arrives for VoIP

Listed VoIP operator My NetFone has secured agreements with PSTN carriers that will allow it to offer number portability for its customers.

The company sees small business worries about losing phone numbers they have long-promoted as a major barrier to VoIP adoption and has therefore gone through what it describes as months of negotiation to secure the new service.

The company is currently testing the new service and expects it to become available around June 2007.

Naked DSL on the way?

VoIP provider Engin has tried to secure an agreement to provide "naked" DSL services, but was eventually repelled by carriers intent on protecting their consumer business.

Naked DSL sees DSL lines sold without line rental for traditional voice.

Ilka Tales, Engin CEO, said that his company secured agreement from the wholesale arm of an un-named carrier for the service, but was eventually rebuffed by its CEO.

Tales says that naked DSL is a key to expansion of VoIP uptake by consumers and business alike.

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