Palo Alto enables firewall to expand to protect remote workers

Security firm Palo Alto Networks aims to breathe new life into the firewall ...

Security firm Palo Alto Networks aims to breathe new life into the firewall with the latest version of its appliance operating system.

The PAN-OS 3.0 announced today has been developed to meet the growing need for organisations to allow remote workers to use web-based applications.

The challenge faced by IT departments is to widen remote access without compromising security or quality of service for critical applications.

"Organisations need to be able to identify applications and assign bandwidth accordingly," said Lee Klarich, vice-president of product management at Palo Alto.

Extending visibility and control of applications to remote workers as well as users on the internal network requires intensive computing power, he said.

The PAN-OS 3.0 is able to tap into the capacity it needs because of increased efficiencies achieved through extremely tight integration with the firewall appliance.

"Hardware and software development teams have worked together to optimise each component to work with the other," said Klarich.

Palo Alto claims PAN-OS 3.0 will enable businesses to block, allow and allocate bandwidth for specific web applications based on the role of users.

The firm said remote working and quality of service functionality is free of charge to existing customers with software maintenance contracts.

The PAN-OS 3.0 software will be available for download later this month.

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