SMEs get mobile data storage and access boost

Day-today file sharing service aims to improve mobile SMEs’ productivity and flexibility

In a bid to improve mobile SMEs’ productivity and flexibility, document collaboration solutions provider NomaDesk has launched version 3.0 version of its day-today file sharing service.

Designed for mobile business users who either work independently or in small to medium-sized enterprises, (SMEs), the software allows geographically dispersed professionals to store files, sync, secure, access, transfer, and eventually share them from wherever they are, on or off-line.

SMBs are increasingly using mobile business applications yet seem to be failing to secure properly their devices. NomaDesk believes that traditional file sharing tools often lack mobility and the adequate security to go with it. Hence its software features technology which allows users to shred files from a distance.

When a laptop is stolen, the user is typically no longer logged on, says NomaDesk who will make data stored on the hard drive invisible, inaccessible and encrypted. NomaDesk says that it can remove the data at the user’s request remotely even if the machine’s password has been stolen or the laptop is stolen while the user is still logged on, .

Information stored on the mobile SMEs’ devices is always saved on NomaDesk’s fileservers, enabling users to have multiple points of access to their servers and files from their own computers or any location. File sharing is claimed to be as simple as adding a friend on Windows Live Messenger or Facebook and a dedicated 24x7 customer service is available to SMEs through phone or live chat.

NomaDesk is offering two different packages for the solution: Team file Server ($15/month) is for file sharing and collaboration; Personal Server ($50/year) for SMEs that work on different computers.

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