US Army launches Twitter battle with Ashton Kutcher

The US Army has announced a public battle with actor Ashton Kutcher , pledging to beat his 1.3 million Twitter followers...

The US Army has announced a public battle with actor Ashton Kutcher, pledging to beat his 1.3 million Twitter followers after deciding social networking is its new mission.

Lindy Kyzer, who posts the Army's Tweets and Facebook status updates, has issued a public challenge to beat Kutcher, currently Twitter's most popular member.

Lt. Col. Kevin Arata, who heads the Army's new Online and Social Media Division, told the New York Daily News, "We know that our ability to share the army story is shaped by how we tell it and where we tell it. Using social media platforms allows us to tell our story where we know people are at and are listening."

The top US commander in Iraq, General Ray Ordierno, is already on Facebook and updates his 5,000 followers with daily news straight from the battlefield.

The army's Facebook and Twitter pages largely provide another outlet for its press releases and statements, but they do also enable families and soldiers to connect through the sites.

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