Precise move to improve storage tier

Storage enhancement solution to align with dynamic whereby IT departments need to do more with less resource

Marking its first major release since becoming an independent company, Precise has launched version 8.5 of its eponymous Transaction Performance Management (TPM) solution.

TPM, in Precise’s view, is an evolution of Application Performance Management (APM) whereby IT is measured by transaction performance such as like business is measured by transactions.

Precise’s approach is to optimise the performance and availability of enterprise applications in order to identify and help correct performance problems before they affect business.

The company’s modus operandi is to provide solutions that align with the dynamic whereby IT departments are tasked with having to do more with less resources and where, in its opinion, IT has shifted focus from building to fixing.

“We have worked closely with our customers around the globe during the last year. With the economical downturn we have seen our customers shift from building new infrastructure to making what they already have work better,” explained Mark Kremer, CEO of Precise. “Our customers tell us that they look to Transaction Performance Management to help them provide the same or better levels of service at significantly lower costs.” 

Kremer added that it was vital for technology suppliers to understand their customers' short term needs as much as their long term strategies.  Focusing on customers in the retail segment he added, “”We need to understand the need to have a short term view; there’s a need to measure the cadence of [customers’] business. Retailers can’t wait for next Christmas to analyse their performance data.”

The new version 8.5 is designed to collaborate around a central view of service level agreements expected by the business and to keep business-critical systems available and running at peak performance.

One of the key aspects to the new release is the extension of the concept of TPM to the storage tier, managing transaction performance for composite applications, also offering a performance management solution for DB2 environments. Kramer commented, “firms can’t buy big iron [to solve storage problems] anymore. So the key is how to improve storage without [large expenditure].”

Precise 8.5 also offers new, centralised administration and automated deployment capabilities design to allow smaller, less experienced teams to effectively manage large deployments.

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