Sybase takes Office to iPhone in mobility drive

New release to offer improvements in business process mobilisation, enterprise admin, security and TCO

Hot on the heels of enabling the SAP suite of business applications for the iPhone and Blackberry mobile handsets, Sybase iAnywhere is now enhancing its iAnywhere Mobile Office for Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone users in the enterprise.

iAnywhere Mobile Office enables email and product information management (PIM) data from Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange to extend a variety of wireless devices. The new release is said to offer improvements in business process mobilisation, enterprise administration and network security that should deliver reduced total cost of ownership when extending email and business processes to wireless devices.

A simplified email-driven approach is designed to enable business and workflow processes on Windows Mobile and Symbian devices allowing users to take action from mobile devices to complete business processes, such as approval of expense reports, human resources requisitions and purchase orders, or notifications from CRM activities. New business process widgets have been created to lower both the cost and effort necessary to develop and deploy applications.

The new security features facilitate secure communications with mobile devices by not requiring any open inbound ports into the corporate network, with the added bonus of no impact on device processor or battery performance (no VPN software required). These work across multiple mobility components, providing a single security solution for all device communications. Users can also have data roaming control of client connections to the server when the device is not on the carrier’s home network.

“To ensure secure email access and protection of on-board corporate data for wireless users, companies need to add a third party application that extends the offering provided with the device,” commented Jack Gold, President of Technology Analyst J. Gold Associates. “Products that offer enhanced network security, data protection, device management, profile administration, support and deployment features… should be considered for any enterprise deploying wireless devices. This especially holds true if the product allows for cross-platform support which is so common in the enterprise.”

A free 30-day IBM Lotus Domino- and Microsoft Exchange-comptible trial version version of the Mobile Office product is available at: Sybase has also expanded iPhone support and availability on the iPhone App Store with an iPhone client is available on the App Store as a '284998826&mt=8'free download.

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