Google joins EC war on Microsoft's browser dominance

Google has backed the European Commission's investigation into Microsoft's dominance of the web browser market.

Google has backed the European Commission's investigation into Microsoft's dominance of the web browser market.

The investigation was made public last month and was instigated by a complaint from Norwegian browser company Opera.

Sundar Pichai, vice president for product management at Google, said in a blog: "We are applying to become a third party in the European Commission's proceedings."

The European Commission (EC) has confirmed it has sent a statement of objections to Microsoft about the tying of the Internet Explorer browser to the Windows operating system. The EC said: "It harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice."

Earlier this month, Mozilla's Mitchell Baker, whose firm distributes the Firefox browser, said: "Microsoft's business practices have fundamentally diminished - in fact, came very close to eliminating - competition, choice and innovation in how people access the Internet."

Google recently launched its own Chrome web browser. Microsoft still controls around 75% of the browser market.

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Simon Smith from eVestigator here again, commenting now on Google after EC had a go at Microsoft over Windows Defender for 'being scared' of competition.

From a software developer of over 20+ years with commercial experience, in almost every language under the sun, I again must state in my expert opinion, I consider this unjustified hypocritical. Just on this very same page, I can see an article that says, "Google faces record €3bn fine for anti-competitive practices, abusing dominance". For a manufacturer of phone devices, that control market share, I don't believe I've ever seen Internet Explorer pre-installed? How dare Google even say that? The very first thing that you see when you go to after a fresh install of Windows is an overwhelming attempt to persuade you to change over. 

Plus every search engine is deceptively embedded in software toolbars and packages (which I consider adware) these days - nobody even has a choice. In speaking of market dominance, since when do we, the public get told that Google collect every single piece of information we do?

They know what we search for, what videos we watch, what emails we read, what interests we have, and they make money out of our websites and sell it to advertisers. If there is any company in this world that was abusing market share, and in my experience as a court Expert Witness, and companies that have not complied with international laws it most certainly is not Microsoft. Apple comes packed with Safari in every way. In Australia Google has been found by a court to be a secondary publisher.

This is far different to overseas. I think the public of Australia should consider their legal options to get a piece of the revenue of the money they make from our data which they store and manipulate and 're-own' with no express permission. I think we will see the law treating Google very differently soon, not just in taxation.