New BSI standard on ICT continuity

BSI British Standards ...

BSI British Standards has released a standard forcontinuity for information and communications technology (ICT).

"ICT continuity is a crucial element of an overall BCM strategy and will help an organisation survive a crisis, said MikeLow, director of BSI British Standards.

Customers are more likely to desert suppliers if they are not immediately responsiveto system problems, said Ron Miller, managing consultant at SunGard Availability Services.

"If goods, services or systems are down even for a short period of time, the result for the affected business can be critical," he said.

The BS 25777 standard gives recommendations for ICT continuity within the wider business continuityBS 25999 standard.

The new standard is a code of practice that shows organisations how best to prevent and manage disruptions to its ICT systems, including e-mail and internet access.

The code of practice is based on input from private industry, government and non-governmental organisations, said Low.

"We have brought together a wide range of expertise to produce a robust best practice guidance document which should help organisations regardless of size, complexity or sector," he said.

Recommendations cover areas such as the competency of ICT staff, raising awareness of ICT continuity, and understanding critical ICT services.

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