Mobile computing a necessity despite recession

Use of mobile computing platforms to access the Internet will flourish despite the general economic climate

The global economic downturn will not hamper the use of mobile computing platforms to access the Internet according to a research conducted in the five larger Western European countries and the United States by The Nielsen Company for Tellabs

Indeed the findings show that mobile computing will flourish as professionals intend to 'dramatically' increase use of mobile data services over the next two years with significant growth over the course of the next twelve months.

Up to 71% of consumers in the survey anticipate daily use of services such as mobile Internet even though they expressed concerns about cost, speed and quality of service.

More than half of the approximately 200 million mobile data users in those countries expect to increase use in the next two years and more significantly, according to Nielsen, more than a quarter of those who do not use mobile data services today intend to start using them within a short period of time.

Tellabs says that there will be strong growth in network traffic from around 175 million consumers for services such as mobile Internet, E-mail and multimedia services.

“Mobile data services are not a luxury, but a necessity that consumers plan to purchase despite economic conditions,” explained Pat Dolan, vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa , Tellabs. “By planning urgent and strategic network upgrades, operators can quickly and cost-efficiently address users’ issues and meet increasing demands on networks.”

The detailed breakdown of the top five services that non-users intend to start using shows that anticipated demand is not evenly split. U.S. consumers will drive more new mobile Internet use than Europeans: Around half of U.S. non-users of the mobile Internet intend to use it in the next two years, compared with a third of non-users in Europe .


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