Italian police riled by criminals using Skype

Italian enforcement agencies have complained about the Skype...

Italian enforcement agencies have complained about the Skype voice over IP phone system because it defeats their wire-tapping operations into criminal operations.

The authorities in Italy have complained that the Skype service and its phone encryption system is increasingly being adopted by criminals because of the protection it gives them.

Last year, British armed forces voiced concerns that Taleban insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan were using Skype to communicate and keep their whereabouts unknown.

According to a BBC report, officers in Milan said those involved in organised crime, arms and drugs trafficking, and prostitution rings were turning to Skype to frustrate investigators.

The police complained that Skype would not open up its encryption system to allow them to hack into criminals' communications. This is something the US authorities have also complained about.

Customs and tax police in Milan cited a planned cocaine deal which involved a suspected drug trafficker being overheard telling an accomplice to switch to Skype to get the finer details of the deal.

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