UK mobile broadband booming

New mobile applications and ‘attractive’ mobile computing platforms driving mobile broadband adoption.

Further evidence of the seemingly recession-proof nature of the mobile computing and mobile broadband markets has come in the form of two reports from EITO and the GSMA.

Both the market research organisation and the mobile communications trade body predict further growth of mobile broadband driven by new applications and what they call ‘attractive’ mobile computing platforms.

EITO’s research predicts that the wireless communications market in general will grow by 6.6% in 2009, to a total value of €578 billion. At the heart of this growth are booming mobile data services, supported by mobile broadband networks, which will likely growth by 16% to be worth €124 billion. Mobile data traffic now contributes nearly a quarter of the total turnover in mobile

“Thanks to new applications and attractive devices, mobile telecommunications remains a growth market in spite of the economic crisis“, commented EITO-Chairman Bruno Lamborghini.

And the UK is leading the revolution in Europe, predicted by EITO to be the largest single market in Europe with above average rates of growth. UK mobile revenues are forecast to increase by 3.8% percent to €26.4 billion with turnover in mobile data services expected to rise by 9.8% to be worth €7.1 billion. EITO says that with mini-notebooks, a new class of equipment has established itself to drive growth.

Lending support is the GSMA’s mobile broadband survey which estimates that nearly 100 million of the world’s four billion mobile connections are mobile broadband and that with 1.1 billion fixed broadband lines reaching only one sixth of the world’s population, the opportunities for mobile broadband are vast.


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