Business intelligence leaders move to mobile computing

Delivering BI to mobile workers is becoming a requirement of the extended enterprise

The emergence of the extended enterprise has changed the dynamics of business information delivery to the point where firms are demanding to extend the value of existing Business Intelligence (BI) investments to provide actionable information to a distributed or mobile user community.

Delivering this information to a mobile workforce via the new generation of mobile computing devices is becoming a requirement of the mobile workforce accruing to a new report by Aberdeen Research. The analyst believes that mobile BI can indeed fulfil the goal of establishing pervasive BI throughout organisations.

Trying to establish some reference points for the value of delivering BI to an increasingly mobile computing-enabled workforce, Aberdeen says that 56% of ‘best-in-class’ companies characterise their BI implementation as being wide-spread throughout the company or pervasive.

Aberdeen believes that best-in-class companies are more apt to be have users of BI and more likely to achieve pervasive use of BI throughout their firms.

In addition, 54% of such firms say that over half of the reports they create within their internal BI applications are re-used for delivery to mobile BI and users 83% of such firms say that they are able to deliver business information to mobile users within the same day that business events take place.

Aberdeen suggests that pervasiveness of BI is part-driven by companies who address the information requirements of their growing base of mobile users. To understand the challenges surrounding the delivery of business intelligence capabilities to mobile workers, Aberdeen advises firms to first identify the characteristics within their organisations. 


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