Cybercriminals sell Facebook profiles for 89p

Cybercriminals are buying Facebook ...

Cybercriminals are buying Facebook profiles for just 89p as online crime peaks around the Christmas period, according to research.

Internet security company Trend Micro said cyber attacks rose in the shopping period between September and December 2007, and a similar trend is likely in 2008.

The company said criminals are more likely to strike around Christmas when online shopping activity is higher than normal.

They make a profit from selling details such as e-mail addresses, names and dates of birth, all of which are often easily available on Facebook profiles.

According to the research, bank details sell for £35, and credit card details for £25.

To avoid information being stolen, the company advises users to look for a padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the site. It also advises them to use social networking privacy settings, protection software and to vary passwords.

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