Government loses 53 computers in a year

The government has lost an average of one computer a week over the last year, according to figures from the Conservative party.

The government has lost 53 laptop or desktop computers in the year since HMRC mislaid two discs containing the details of 25 million people.

Government departments also lost 30 mobile phones, 36 Blackberries, four disc drives and four memory sticks.

Information security was propelled into the spotlight after the two discs were lost last year, with several other high-profile data losses hitting the headlines since then.

Tory MP Grant Shapps asked government departments to reveal what went missing over the year. The figures showed the Department of Health lost the most computers, with 14 disappearing. The Department of Children, Schools and Family were next with 13 lost. The Department of International Development lost nine, and the Department of Transport five.

The Home Office and the Ministry of Defence both refused to respond to the questions.

Shapps said, "With more than one official computer going missing each week, not to mention numerous hard drives and memory sticks, today we are calling on the government to urgently review data security right across Whitehall."

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