McAfee signs bundled security protection deals with HP ProCurve, Intel and VMware

McAfee is teaming up with HP ProCurve, Intel...

McAfee is teaming up with HP ProCurve, Intel and VMware to deliver improved security for HP ProCurve networking products, Intel business PC platforms and the VMware virtualisation platform.

"The era of providing complete protection simply by installing anti-virus software on a PC has long passed. In today's world of sophisticated malware, targeted threats, and multi-stage attacks, security needs to be everywhere," said Dave DeWalt, president and chief executive officer of McAfee.

McAfee and HP ProCurve have created a strategic alliance with the intent to jointly develop and deliver network security systems. Under this agreement, McAfee and HP ProCurve will build security systems that combine McAfee's information security products with HP ProCurve's networking product portfolio.

The pair said the joint systems will simplify networking and security from the edge to the network core, delivering security protection for companies of all sizes.

McAfee will work with Intel to take advantage of Intel vPro technology to provide security below the operating system layer on PCs.

This forthcoming McAfee technology will provide organisations using PCs featuring Intel vPro technology with improved security and reporting while requiring fewer IT resources.

Specifically, McAfee will use Intel vPro technology to allow IT departments to discover and remediate security problems on PCs outside of business hours, and report the health of the PC back to McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management console.

Building on its existing relationship with VMware, McAfee said VMware will ship McAfee VirusScan Plus software with VMware Fusion, VMware's desktop virtualisation product for running Windows applications side-by-side with Mac applications on any Intel-based Mac.

The deal means that VMware Fusion customers will receive anti-virus, anti-spyware and Windows firewall software from McAfee at no additional cost.

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