DTZ slashes disaster recovery bills with Mimecast

Global estate agent, DTZ, has used Mimecast ...

Global estate agent, DTZ, has used Mimecast to reduce the cost of running its Microsoft Exchange 2007 corporate e-mail system by almost three quarters of a milion pounds per year, in the event of a disaster.

Operating in over 45 countries, e-mail is a core application at the company. Most companies run two Exchange installations in mirrored datacentres to ensure the e-mail service stays running if disaster strikes.

While this guarantees uptime, Duncan Scott, group chief information officer at DTZ, was not prepared to double the cost of the Exchange installation to support disaster recovery. "We have decided not to replicate the service for disaster recovery. Given the law of averages, the disaster recovery would not be invoked often. we could not justify the cost [of building another datacentre]." So he took a decision to using the hosted Exchange service from Mimecast, instead of replicating his Exchange datacentre.

Scott said software was not yet mature enough to run in a live production environment, but felt it was a good fit at DTZ for disaster recovery.

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