BBC improves storage efficiency for news

The BBC World Service has improved efficiency

The BBC World Service has improved the efficiency of its shared storage for news production and archiving.

The BBC has deployed the ExaStore 2008 clustered network attached storage (NAS) system. It will store more than 6,500 hours of real-time, high-resolution video and low-resolution proxy media on its ExaStore storage system.

At the same time, ExaStore is providing a bandwidth of over 600Mbytes per second. This rate supports individual access as well as rendering and media conversions running in the background.

The BBC said scalable and cost-effective online archiving eliminates the need for tape. This cuts time and material costs.

ExaStore's simplified management uses a single IP address. This allows the IT team to centrally configure and manage all storage across every workstation and server concurrently, saving time and effort.

More than 100 employees are using the ExaStore at the BBC.

"ExaStore's infrastructure supports collaboration, which is critical, as more than 125 people can potentially be accessing the system simultaneously," said Elsa Shweid, Exanet sales director.

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