Google awards £2m to Android developers

Google has awarded £2m to developers who produced software applications

Google has awarded £2m to developers who produced software applications for its Android mobile phone operating system.

The money went to the developers of 20 different applications, with 10 receiving £150,000, and another ten getting £50,000.

The awards were part of a competition which initially saw 50 finalists getting £12,500 each.

Location-based services for the Android system were a big feature of the awards.

The cab4me application lets users book a nearby cab without the number of a local taxi company or the address they want to be picked up from.

The GoCart application turns a user scan of a product's bar code into a comparison-shopping exercise. The application uses data from other stores near the user's location.

Locale will change the settings on an Android phone according to the phone's location. For example, Locale will set the phone to vibrate when entering a cinema or theatre.

Google plans to distribute the applications through its recently launched Android Market on the web.

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