O2 wins awards for top broadband speed and customer satisfaction

O2 has won awards for providing the fastest broadband service and delivering the best customer satisfaction.

O2 has won awards for providing the fastest broadband service and delivering the best customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Broadband, the UK's broadband comparison site, has announced the results of its inaugural annual broadband awards.

Along with O2's awards, BT was the winner in the Wireless Broadband category and 3 was deemed the best Mobile Broadband provider.

The Top 10 Broadband team analysed data captured in over 310,000 speed tests carried out on the Top 10 Broadband site as part of the judging process.

Broadband packages were also tested against a wide range of criteria to secure awards in categories such as Customer Satisfaction and Broadband Bundle.

O2 won the Fastest Broadband and Customer Satisfaction awards, with an average download speed of 6.128mbps and a customer rating of 3.84 out of 5.

This made O2 attractive to UK consumers who want to download songs and movies, stream live video and play games online without the connection dropping in and out or the download taking a long time.

The Wireless Broadband award went to BT, as its wireless router, the BT Home Hub 2.0, doubles the wireless reach of most routers and supports digital TV.

3 was the clear winner in the Mobile Broadband category, with its expansive range of packages offering a variety of download allowance and laptop options, said Top Ten Broadband.

Broadband performance:

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The Top 10 Broadband Awards and winners:

Award Winner

Fastest Broadband O2

Customer Satisfaction O2

Mobile Broadband 3

Wireless Broadband BT

Broadband Bundle Virgin Media

Value Broadband TalkTalk

Short-Contract Broadband AOL Broadband

Small ISP PlusNet

Gaming Broadband Be

Student Broadband Vodafone

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