RIM to launch Blackberry Bold

Orange will be the first mobile operator to offer Research in Motion's (RIM) Blackberry...

Orange will be the first mobile operator to offer Research in Motion's (RIM), Blackberry Bold, the first Blackberry to offer a colour screen for multimedia, satellite navigation software, high-speed mobile internet access and Wi-Fi.

The Blackberry Bold smartphone uses a 624MHz processor and has been designed to support multi-tasking, allowing users to access voice and data services simultaneously.

The device provides built-in Wi-Fi and supports tri-band High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which Research in Motion said would enable business users to access high-speed mobile networks around the world. It also includes an integrated GPS receiver, a two megapixel camera and a multimedia player.

Rim has been steadily moving the Blackberry device from mobile e-mail to a more comprehensive mobile device for accessing corporate IT.

Earlier this year, SAP introduced a mobile CRM application using the Blackberry.

Orange will be selling the BlackBerry Bold from 16 August for £40 per month. The new smartphone from Rim will be available to Orange subscribers on an 18-month contract.

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