SMBs with multi-development platforms driving SOA adoption

Research finds that SMBs using more complex development platforms have significantly higher SOA penetration

A direct relationship exists between the number of development platforms a firm uses and the penetration of SOA according to a new survey by Forrester Research.

The market analyst found even if it is no surprise that technology diversity drives adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA), clear patterns exist in the use of development platforms, development languages, and application platform vendors that affect how rapidly certain IT segments adopt SOA.

With SOA adoption among small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), says the analyst, there is fairly wide variation in SOA penetration and current use of SOA when measuring by development platform, by number of development platforms, and by development language — but not as much variation as there is when measuring by number of development languages.

SMBs that use three development platforms have significantly higher SOA penetration than those using only one. Indeed, Forrester’s study revealed, the number of platforms serves as an even greater accelerator of SOA adoption among SMBs than it does among enterprises. Forrester recognises that having three development languages active may be the point where SMBs begin to feel more pressure to adopt SOA.

Forrester believes that by finding the patterns that match an organisation’s technology environment, architects can bolster their case for SOA with industry adoption umbers that correspond closely with their peers’ adoption rates.

It advises architects building the case for SOA in their firm to stress how SOA adoption levels accelerate with technology diversity.

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