Intego unveils iPhone anti-malware software

Intego has launched what it says is the first anti-virus software for the Apple iPhone

Intego has launched what it says is the first anti-virus software for the Apple iPhone.

VirusBarrier X5 10.5.3 protects both the iPhone and iPod touch from malware. It is primarily designed to protect the Mac operating system running on laptops and desktops.

Now that Apple has made it possible for users to add applications to the iPhone and iPod touch, there is a risk of installing software that can harm the devices or take control of them, said Intego.

Users connect an iPhone or iPod touch to their Mac, then choose the device and scan it with VirusBarrier X5.

When scanning an iPhone or iPod touch, VirusBarrier X5 copies all the files contained on the device to the user's startup volume in order to verify their security.

If any malware or infected files are found, VirusBarrier X5 alerts the user and offers to repair or delete the infected files.

The system cannot, however, stop the malware getting on the two mobile devices in the first place.

A number of security suppliers sell anti-malware designed specifically for mobile devices, but this software is mainly written for Windows and Symbian OS-driven devices.

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