Mandarin Oriental books in talent tool

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is rolling out...

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is rolling out a software as a service (SaaS) HR system to help the business double in size over the next four years.

The company pulled together data from 14 HR systems around the world to feed personnel data into employee performance management software from SuccessFactors, which managers use to rate staff.

An external consultant helped build data translation software with a Microsoft Access database to ensure that staff names, start and end dates were in the correct format.

HR staff e-mail data from each hotel to head office in Hong Kong where it is loaded into Microsoft Access before being uploaded to the SuccessFactors system.

Jacqueline Moyse, Mandarin Oriental's head of organisational development, said the company had worked for three months with SuccessFactors to configure and test the software.

Mandarin Oriental initially provided 400 senior managers with SuccessFactors. It is now being rolled out to 2,600 heads of departments and supervisors.

In September, Moyse said Mandarin Oriental would be deploying SucessFactors' succession management tool. The company will deploy it first to 400 senior managers, then to heads of departments and supervisors.

Software as a service is often seen as an easy way for businesses to buy in software. Because SaaS is hosted and supported externally, users do not need internal IT staff to implement or manage it.

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