BT and O2 join forces to improve mobile broadband

BT's 21CN to allow O2 to offer effective mobile broadband services that will be increasingly in demand

In a bid to deliver cost efficiencies and enhance mobile broadband experiences, BT has announced a new managed network solutions agreement with O2 that will see BT Wholesale provide and manage high speed connectivity between the majority of O2’s base stations and its core national network in the UK .

Under the terms of the five-year agreement, BT will design and deliver a communications infrastructure that is designed to enable O2 to manage the predicted increases in network traffic caused by new bandwidth-intensive handsets, reducing the need to invest heavily in significant and advanced network upgrading. 

The technological foundation for the service will be BT’s new 21st Century Network-enabled Ethernet service. BT claims that its next-generation service will deliver to communications services providers scalable bandwidth to meet increased demand flexibly, with costs matching actual traffic and revenue increases.

One typical service will be O2 Business Broadband which O2 launched on 1 May. The business grade broadband package is compatible with BT analogue lines are is designed to allow a small office to access the Internet and stay connected.

At download speeds of up to 20 Mbps, O2 claims that Business Broadband will offer some of the fastest internet connections for business in the UK .  Customers outside of the coverage on the O2 Broadband LLU network will be able to receive O2 Business Broadband Access which provides download speeds of up to 8 Mbps with the same features and benefits of O2 Business Broadband.

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