Laptop chips to pass desktops in next twelve months

Number of microprocessors shipping for notebook PCs will exceed those shipping for desktop PCs by early 2009

The personal computer (PC) microprocessor market is heading for a tipping point in late 2008 or early 2009, when, for the first time, the number of microprocessors shipping for notebook PCs will exceed those shipping for desktop PCs, reports In-Stat.

Whilst an industry landmark, the news should not be taken as the death of the desktop PC market says the market researcher. In fact, it forecasts that the desktop PC market will continue to experience single-digit growth rates for several years, but have a short hiatus in 2008 and 2009 when the growth will be less than 1% due to US macroeconomic pressures and the subsequent global fallout.

In the long-run, In-Stat predicts that desktop PCs will see growth in developing economies because of the extreme price sensitivities and in commercial applications through the growth of smaller form factors. It adds that richer content over the Internet and changing usage models will also drive overall market growth in the future.

In-Stat also found that growth in developing economies will continue to drive growth in both mobile and desktop PCs in the future. UMDs will not impact mobile PCs or smartphones until after 2010 and that the competitive rivalry between Intel and AMD will become yet more intense and price competitive as each side continues to try to gain an advantage over the other.

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