Glasses Direct eyes Sun web deal to match market growth

Glasses Direct has signed a hosted web deal with NTT...

Glasses Direct has signed a hosted web deal with NTT Europe Online and Sun Microsystems to cut costs and match its market growth.

Glasses Direct has signed up as a customer of the hosting offer in the Sun Start-Up Essentials (SSE) programme in the UK. As part of the programme, the online glasses retailer has outsourced the management of its hosted platform to NTT Europe Online.

The Sun Start-Up Essentials programme is designed to help start-ups conserve cash, accelerate their development and get up and running quickly through discounts on a range of both Sun's systems and services and those of its partners, including managed hosting provider NTT Europe Online.

"We needed partners who offer the technology and services to match our growth in the market," said Derek Colvin, chief technology officer at Glasses Direct.

"As an SME we may lack the perceived brand security of more established operations, meaning the availability of our site is more than critical to our business - it's the difference between success and failure.

"Working with Sun and NTT Europe Online we know we have the architecturally scalable platform required to ensure the availability and continuity of our sales revenue," said Colvin.

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