Betting site Boylesports slashes customer loading time through web analytics

Irish betting site has slashed its web loading time by 9.9 seconds with the help of web analytics firm Gomez.

Irish betting site has slashed its web loading time by 9.9 seconds with the help of web analytics firm Gomez. has improved its website performance by an average of 9.9 seconds using data collected by the Gomez ExperienceFirstSM platform.

Vigne Kozacek, IT director at, said, "I saw the Gomez betting benchmark, which compares the largest online players in the betting world, in a publication and was shocked to see that we were not in it.

"I then contacted Gomez to ask why this was, and found out that they had been tracking our website, but it was performing too badly to enter the top-ten list."

The time it took for the website to load was unacceptable, said Kozacek, and the percentage of time it successfully loaded - or its availability - was below the benchmark average.

Kozacek said the firm then set up a trial to monitor a variety of its games.

After completing a successful pilot last year, and the implementation of a load balancer internally, Boylesports began to use Gomez's Active Network XFSM website monitoring system to better understand how the customer experience offered by the firm's websites was influenced by website performance.

By using Gomez data, the company was able to indentify the specific problems that required correction, and improved its response time and availability enough to take ninth place in the Gomez betting benchmark table within a month.

"I have the Gomez dashboard open on my PC constantly, it is now embedded into my log-in page, so I receive live updates and can review the past couple of day's tests for a broader view of the website's performance," said Kozacek.

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