Service-based security approach claims to break new ground

New services designed to prevent malicious requests that could compromise databases and also new tools thto track data

Verizon Business is predicting that it will break new ground in the security market with a new set of managed data-protection and data-loss-prevention services.

The announcement comes part of a package of launches to address growing security challenges by the company,  nearly a year after it acquired managed security service giant Cybertrust .

The services are designed to help prevent malicious requests that could compromise a company's database and also support new tools that track data as it flows throughout the enterprise.

Available beginning in July, a management and monitoring service will scrutinise software and appliances for database auditing and prevention/database activity.  These software and appliances will be designed to act as effectively act as a security buffer, preventing malicious requests that could compromise a database. 

The second service will involve management and monitoring of data-loss prevention technologies, allowing customers to outsource to Verizon Business the tracking and monitoring of their data, whether it is at rest, in transit or in use.  The service will be available beginning in September.

"These new managed offerings will support the holistic approach we are taking to protect business data, no matter where it resides in the enterprise," explained Kerry Bailey, vice president of Verizon Business Security Solutions. 

Bailey outlined the new scenario where critical data flows in and out of extended enterprises to partners, customers and suppliers all around the world. Verizon says that an extended enterprise environment makes it difficult, if not impossible, to know where confidential corporate data resides at any time and that keeping data safe has become complex, costly and time-consuming for businesses.

To put the launch into context, Verizon business quoted research from an unnamed source that suggested the repercussions of data loss on a business could be enormous and long-lasting. The research was said to find that more than 162 million records were reported lost or stolen in 2007, more than triple those reported in 2006. 

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