SMEs get fully unbundled phone and broadband

Tiscali and Gradwell aim to enable SMEs to by merge their analogue telephone line, broadband and a fully featured IP-PBX service into a single product from a single supplier

One of the UK ’s top three Voice over IP providers to small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) has joined forces with Tiscali with the aim of bringing the benefits of emerging telecoms innovation to smaller UK businesses.

Gradwell Dot Com is to work in partnership to promote and deliver Tiscali’s Voice Ready Broadband and unbundled Wholesale Line Voice and ADSL phone services (WLVA) to the UK ’s SoHo and SME business communities.

Gradwell partnership with Tiscali is designed to enable SMEs to by merge their analogue telephone line, high quality broadband and a fully featured IP-PBX service into a single product from a single supplier.

In the WLVA product, Tiscali provides Gradwell with the whole copper pair at the local exchange and converts both voice and data into IP, routed straight into the Gradwell VoIP network. The result is no traditional phone line rental, resulting, the firms say, in a cost saving of over £11 per mont.

Commented Peter Gradwell, CEO of Gradwell Dot Com, “The key problem SMEs have with VoIP is making sure the service is consistent. By using [broadband] connected directly to the VoIP network, we can provide SMEs with a high quality, consistent and reliable end to end solution."

The SoHo and SME market will be a focal point for Tiscali in 2008 as the company looks to deliver tailor-made products, such as Voice Ready and WLVA, to this extensive market sector.

WLVA is an ‘all in one’ service designed to enable resellers to deliver tailor made, competitively priced line rental, voice and data services over a single connection.  WVLA is a wholesale, fully unbundled service based on the unbundling capability in BT exchanges.   Resellers are provided with the line, full traditional voice services and an ADSL based data connection in one product.

These services will be bundled with the Gradwell PBX and Hosting Services, ordered via the web and made available to the VAR channel.


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