Proof positive consultants talk a load of old tarot

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Consultants, some might argue, will do anything to be perceived as being useful to earn a quick buck from companies that usually just want to know what printer to buy.

But some consultants, such as Ivor the "tarot consultant", go that little bit further. Ivor has set up a horse-drawn carriage on Brighton Pier to give readings.

Nothing unusual about that you might think, except that he has a client list that would make KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers salivate, with Ericsson, Tate & Lyle, GlaxoSimthKline and Astra Zeneca among his customers.

But why consult with a tarot-card reader? How many companies base their technology strategies on the turn of a card?

Laugh you might, but even Cable & Wireless is a client. When you consider that its executive chairman, John Pluthero, is in line for an estimated £20m pay-out, maybe it is time to ditch the business intelligence software and start crossing palms with silver.

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