Intel simplifies SMB storage

Processor giant unveils new storage platform designed to ease the management of growing digital information

Processor giant Intel has unveiled a new storage platform designed to ease the management of growing digital information specifically for small businesses (SMBs)

The new Entry Storage System SS4200x is being distributed through Intel's channel partners in two models: the Entry Storage System SS4200-EHW, a hardware-only version, and the Entry Storage System SS4200-E, which comes complete with integrated software.


Based on its Celeron 400 Series Processor with DDR2 memory, Intel says that the SS4200x provides performance and functionality to accommodate demanding workloads and features a dedicated processor with chipset to improve I/O performance. Additional highlights of the Intel SS4200x also include a customisable shell design, which is said to fit easily into many existing product portfolios and an external SATA (eSATA) port. This is designed to allow for easy external storage expansion beyond four hard disk drives (HDD).


The fully loaded Intel SS4200-E includes software from EMC to create a flexible Network Attached Storage (Nas) appliance for SMBs, providing data access, sharing, protection and backup features, while also offering universal plug-and-play, media streaming features, and support for connected CE devices. The system supports Windows and Mac clients and includes support for 11 languages.


"We've taken our information management expertise and developed this unique software to help [SMBs] protect and manage their digital lives," commented Joel Schwartz, senior vice president, EMC Storage Division. "This new EMC software combined with Intel hardware has been tested and validated to create a smart and easy-to-use centralized storage solution…protecting all types of digital content and making it available when and where needed."


The hardware-only Entry Storage System SS4200-EHW allows for customisable solutions with varying storage capacities, up to several terabytes of capacity. System builders and integrators can customise the storage system with various validated third-party software.



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