Intel unveils 16 new ‘green’ processors

Intel has launched 16 new power efficient and eco-friendly processors.

Intel has launched 16 new power efficient and eco-friendly processors.

The chips incorporate Intel's new 45nm Hafnium-based High-k Metal Gate technology, and the firm says they will further extend Moore's Law covering chip power.

The new transistor formula alleviates wasteful electricity leaks that threaten the pace of future computer innovation, said Intel. The processors also eliminate eco-unfriendly lead and, in 2008, will get rid of harmful halogen materials.

The breakthroughs clear the path for Intel to design products that are 25% smaller than previous versions and more cost-effective.

Paul Otellini, CEO at Intel, said, "This feat means faster and sleeker computers, longer battery life and better energy efficiency. Our objective is to bring consumers a new class of computers delivering a full internet experience in ever-smaller, more portable form factors."

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