Data warehouses go for operational business intelligence

Even though many organisations have an established data warehouse, the demand for operational business intelligence is increasing

Even though many organisations have an established data warehouse, the demand for operational business intelligence is increasing according to a survey from GoldenGate, a provider of real-time data integration solutions.


The company defines operational business intelligence (BI) as the effort to integrate analytical and trend information with operational processes to enable more informed and real-time decision making. Thus it says that a centralised data repository used by sophisticated analysts was no longer sufficient.


The survey, ‘Moving From Analytics to Operational Business Intelligence: The Changing Role of the Data Warehouse,’ shows how organisations are using their data warehouses and the underlying infrastructure and data acquisition approaches and technologies, in addition to the level of availability for the warehouse. 


A little more than half of the respondents in the survey indicated that their data warehouse currently supports operational business intelligence applications and more than 90% anticipating increased use of operational business intelligence over the next year.


Other key findings in the survey include more than four-fifths of respondents indicating that their enterprises support a data warehouse; almost half of the data warehouses are growing between 10–50%; more than a quarter of respondents having between one and five terabytes of data stored in their data warehouses; a fifth of respondents reporting that more than 500 people access the data in their data warehouses; nearly a third indicating that data warehousing served as the foundation for more than 150 reports each month; more than 40% of respondents indicating that they have more than ten different sources populating the data warehouse.


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