Threatcon 4: what our readers consider a crisis

The lighter side of IT

Threatcon 4: what our readers consider a crisis

Responses to our call for situations that warrant a Threatcon 4 rating have been flooding in. One reader, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "Here are some situations we have experienced in IT support when things have almost ground completely to a halt:

● Coffee-maker exploded, taking our energy and life with it.

● Members of staff boring us to death relating previous experiences that are of no relevance to the matter in hand.

● IT department briefing - tends to degenerate into the last situation because we have our very own pointy-haired boss, with trendy earrings and long hair.

● Any 'research' conference - having to arrange cover for those should come with a government health warning. It really gets desperate when the PDA runs out of battery life (inevitable really), disconnecting your Messenger, Skype and web-browsing antics. Productivity and motivation drop into negative numbers listening to such drivel."

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