ForeScout provides added NAC for security

New NAC designed to access control, endpoint security, scalability and remediation

ForeScout Technologies, a leading network access control (NAC) provider has announced a new release of its flagship NAC product, CounterACT.

The new version is claimed to further expand the product’s access control, endpoint security, scalability and remediation features. In additions it is designed to simplify further the CounterACT product family’s ability to ease deployment, maintenance and global scalability for both customers and channel partners.

New features include a dissolvable client option and a scripting engine for tailored automated remediation. This allows for the flexibility in achieving enterprise specific remediation of non-compliant systems.

Features include a secure connector that enables the ability to bypass remote connection barriers by automatically initiating an outbound secure socket layer (SSL) connection with the CounterACT appliance. An automated remediation scripting engine is designed to let network administrators write custom scripts thus potentially streamlining remediation by making use of the existing network infrastructure.

Logic-Based Compliance tools support logic-based policy creation processes that address policy violations with a number of remediation options within a single policy.

The new CounterACT also sees the debut of a set of new features for advanced device detection and policy enforcement capabilities, including protection against ARP spoofing, session-specific policy creation and enforcement, open-port hardening, and network-agnostic surgical blocking. CounterACT features extended support for VoIP devices, by identifying endpoints and providing policy enforcement without disrupting VoIP connections and functionality.

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