Microsoft makes available Windows Server 2008 RC0

Windows Server 2008Release Candidate 0 is now available for customer review.

Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 is now available for customer review.

Redmond said the initial Release Candidate (RC0) can now be downloaded for testing by developers and enterprises.

The new platform, which will be commercially available next year, includes features such as server and presentation virtualisation capabilities, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, Server Core, PowerShell, Network Access Protection, Server Manager, and enhanced networking and clustering technologies.

Robbie Roberts, IT manager at Windrush Frozen Foods in the UK, said, "With Windows Server 2008 we are looking forward to taking advantage of clustering and data recovery features to help us provide consistent, uninterrupted services to our customers."

The commercial release date of the product has not been confirmed since Microsoft delayed the release of the product to manufacturers and suppliers because of bugs that had to be ironed out.

It was scheduled to be available to customers at the end of February, but this may now be put back to later in the first quarter or even the second quarter.

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