Comtec Enterprises relocates 24/7 service provider

ICT services company Comtec Enterprises has relocated IT facilities for RapidSwitch from London's Docklands to Maidenhead without interruptionof the UK hosting service provider's round-the-clock service to 500,000 e-commerce websites.

ICT services company Comtec Enterprises has relocated IT facilities for RapidSwitch from London's Docklands to Maidenhead without interruption of the UK hosting service provider's round-the-clock service to 500,000 e-commerce websites.

Ed Butler, managing director at RapidSwitch, said, "Our customers were crying out for two things, power and bandwidth, but there are very few sites remaining in London able to support the core networking challenges of today's 24/7 business.

"To fulfil the continuity needs of our customers, and create a foundation for our own service development we had to move. However, the nature of our business requires absolute always-on connectivity. We needed a company that could relocate our entire business with minimal disruption and within a short timescale."

Comtec was given the task of relocating 1,500 servers with an agreed maximum downtime of three hours per server. The relocation was carried out over three weekends, working only between the hours of 11pm and 6am, ensuring that RapidSwitch and its customers were able to provide uninterrupted service through the relocation process.

"We chose Comtec because it was flexible about its working hours and was willing to provide the robust service level guarantees we needed," said Butler.

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