UK IT professionals are the best trained

The UK provides more training for IT professionals than all other European countries, except Denmark.

The UK provides more training for IT professionals than all other European countries, except Denmark.

According to findings published by e-skills UK, around one in four IT professionals in the UK and Denmark (26% and 27% respectively) had received training in the preceding month.

This was against a European average of around one in six (15%). The data is drawn from Eurostat research covering the original group of 15 EU member states.

Karen Price, CEO at e-skills UK, said, "It is very encouraging that the UK is among Europe's leaders in terms of investment in IT professional skills. This is reinforced by a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which ranks the UK third worldwide in terms of IT professional skills, and fourth in terms of overall IT competitiveness."

The e-skills Bulletin provides a quarterly update of ICT labour market data and trends collected from government and private sources.

A copy of the full e-skills Bulletin is available online.

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