Centrepoint charity rolls out thin clients

Centrepoint delivers software via thin clients to help users of its centres for homeless young adults.

Centrepoint, a charity that helps homeless people, is running a pilot of providing software via thin clients to residents of its homes for young adults.

Centrepoint is a charity for young people that are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

"We wanted to be able to provide young people in our services with access to services through technology that they did not have," said Stuart Rogers, director of business improvement at Centrepoint.

To this end it has installed 50 Sun Ray thin clients from Sun Microsystems, running the Star Office Java desktop, in its service near Barbican in London. These provide 24 hour access from individual rooms as well as community areas with a broadband internet connection.

The project will be rolled out across the charity's 21 services if successful.

He said the charity provides a package for young people, such as access to education and the job market, not just housing.

Rogers said he initially approached Sun to talk about software but quickly realized the hardware had to be right first.

For its part Sun agreed to match whatever investment Centrepoint made.

"Sun has supported us strategically to get it up and running and provided a funding grant that matched our spend," said Rogers.

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