West Sussex County Council uses internet database to fight anti-social behaviour

The internet is being used to fight anti-social behaviour by West Sussex County Council.

The internet is being used to fight anti-social behaviour by West Sussex County Council.

Monitoring and analysis of behavioural problems across the area is being improved with the new web database, which enables a county-wide approach to the problem.

The previous system, which involved staff in each division of the district inputting data to Excel spreadsheets, meant many cross-border cases were different to catalogue and monitor.

The new Sentinel for ASB management system, developed by Vantage Technologies, gives the police, social services and local authority the ability to know what is happening where. The council says they will now be able to monitor trends and act more proactively when dealing with vandalism, threatening behaviour and harassment.

Head of community safety at the council, Jeff Fullard, said the system was useful because of its flexibility.

He said, "It allows all parties within the region to collate data in a uniform manner and it allows us to tailor the system to meet our own needs. The interface is simple to use and can be adapted in accordance with partners' requirements."

He said they expect to see a marked improvement in the county's handling of anti-social behaviour over the next six to twelve months.

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